Top 3 household items that cause blocked drains

Are you causing blocked drains at your property?

It is never a good time when your toilet is blocked, it always seems to happen at the worst times. Some blocked drains are caused by tree roots or other circumstances out of your control, however many are by household items. Whilst ourselves and other plumbers can help you clear your drain, understanding common preventable causes for blocked drains you can save yourself some time and inconvenience.


Below is a list of the top 3 household items that block drains

1. Tampons: Made to be super absorbent and help women go about their day with confidence – these little magic bullets can commonly your drains. They absorb a lot of water and then are big enough to cause build up in drains. Pads are also commonly a cause for blockages.

The fix: ensure you have a bin or other facilities available to yourself and guests. If the issue keeps reoccurring consider a sign to ask people to dispose of them correctly.

2. Disposable wipes or paper towels: Whilst these products are marketed as being safe for flushing – they are a constant source of blocked drains. See this test of toilet paper vs flushable wipes – View video

The fix: Go back to the basics of a washable/reusable chux cloth for cleaning up messes. If you want to only use disposable make sure you put them in the bin rather than the toilet.

3. Fats and Grease: Putting your grease or fat from cooking down the drain creates build up in your drain and contributes to blockages further down the sewage line that could affect your whole area. The problem is that as the grease travels down the pipes it hardens and sticks to the edges of the pipe. Over time this builds up to create a blockage in your home or further down the drainage system.

The fix: Dispose of leftover grease or fat in the bin.

If you want to keep your drains in good working condition it is best to only put toilet paper down the toilet and water down the sink – everything else is best in the bin.


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