Coming to you on your airwares – your local plumber.

We did it! We bit the bullet and have started advertising on the radio!

For the past few weeks we have been getting airtime on family radio station 96.5 and we must admit it to feeling a little famous hearing our ad on the radio (it’s probably our only shot considering none of us can sing).

We hope that if you’re needing a plumber and hear our advert that you will spring into action and call us as your local plumber.

Before you treat your ears to the magic that is our ‘awesome’ radio advert we would like to thank Ruth from Mouthin Off Voices and Scripts! She is amazing at what she does and has helped us out heaps! Check her out at

We have both 15 seconds and 30 seconds adverts but are still working on the video to go along with the 30 second advert which we will update when available.

Feast your ears on our first radio venture

Remember if you need a Brisbane Plumber or Gas Fitter give us a call.

30 second version coming soon……..


Q Plumb Team 🙂

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