CCTV Camera Inspection Brisbane

With a CCTV camera inspection you can get to the root of your plumbing problem

Blocked Drains can be caused by a number of different issues and it can be hard to know exactly what the cause of the problem with the drain is by inspection on the surface. Our CCTV inspections allow our plumbers to see what the cause of the blockage is and give a better estimate of the amount of work required to fix it.

What is causing my toilet to be blocked, and what is my best repair option?

Why use a CCTV Camera inspection?

  • locate the problem and identify if it is on your property or council land (if it is deemed to be councils drain, then all repairs will be covered by council).
  • identify the cause
  • see the extent of the damage to the pipe
  • estimate repair costs and best method of repair

We carry specialised Rigid CCTV drain inspection equipment that can go 60 meters down the drain, records high definition video and records to USB. In addition to using the footage to locate and rectify the blockage we can send an email with the video as an attachment if you would like a copy to keep.

Our plumbers are highly skilled and experienced at using the CCTV drain inspection cameras and regularly use this equipment to identify causes of blockages such as roots, clay, dirt and gravel build up.

CCTV Drain Camera

Once the blockage is identified we have a high pressure jetrodder machine to effectively clear most blockages. If the pipe itself needs repair we will dig it up and replace the part of the pipe that is damaged, using the camera to locate the exact section and minimise the time and expense of the job. CCTV Camera Inspection Brisbane