How a burst flexi can cause up to $70,000 damage to your property.

Plumbing is often something that no one really thinks about until something goes wrong. Sometimes it may be that a tap starts dripping or leaking, a toilet is noisy, or your hot water stops working. While inconvenient these issues are unlikely to cause a large amount of damage.

If you have a flexi hose that bursts – the results can be disastrous. They burst sporadically due to deterioration over time. When they burst they can damage not only the flexi itself but kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, flooring and other items depending on the speed at which someone is able to turn off the water to stop the flow. Unfortunately, there is no telling when exactly they will burst, and it often happens when people aren’t home or even worse when they are on holidays. this

To avoid this scenario and an extensive amount of damage we recommend you inspect your flexi hoses and if they are showing signs of deterioration book in a plumber to have them replaced.

What are the signs a flexi hose is about to burst?

  1. Rust spots on the hose
  2. Spurs that you can feel as you run your finger up the side of the hose.

Watch the video below to find out more about what to look for.

We recommend that if you see these signs of deterioration to have them replaced. The cost to replace a flexi hose is a lot less than the damage it may cause. There are new products on the market that have a 15 year warranty. Replacing your flexi hoses will give you peace of mind and potential avoid tens of thousands of dollars damage.

If you are based in Brisbane, Ipswich or Logan and would like to book in a plumber to check your flexi hoses please give us a call on 32000188 or you can book online.