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Fix Leaking Tap

How to Fix a Leaking Tap

Step 1

Locate the mains water control box to turn off the water to your house. The mains tap is usually found at the front of your house or in the street. If you’re in an apartment the mains tap will probably be in the bathroom or laundry.

Step 2

Turn the leaking tap on to release any water in the pipe and then leave it on. Now put the plug in the basin so you don’t lose any small parts down the drain.

Step 3

Now you need to remove the tap handle. You will have to remove the tap’s cover with a screwdriver, undo the screw and remove the handle. (The screw is most likely to be under the hot or cold symbols but some taps have screws on the side). If the tap looks like the one in this picture undo the tap button with a shifter/spanner take care not to scratch it and then remove the handle.

Now remove the flange it will either be screwed on if so just unscrew it, or it could be held in place with spring in which case just pull on the flange and it should just pull off with the spring.

Step 4

Now you should see the tap bonnet and tap spindle, using shifter/spanner undo the tap bonnet and remove the tap.

You should now see all the headgear and you should see the large body fibre washer usually red, the o-ring and the jumper valve. The jumper valve should just fall out or it might still be on the tap seat where you just pulled the tap out from.

Step 5

Remove the spindle from the tap bonnet by screwing the spindle all the way down till it falls out. Then remove all parts and using a rag and a wire brush clean the tap bonnet and tap spindle and then replace all three parts (O Ring, Body Washer, Tap Valve) and apply waterproof lubricant to the o-ring and spindle.

Now refit the bonnet and spindle back together making sure not to over-tighten.

Step 6

Now reverse the process to put it back together. Screw in the tap bonnet and apply a bit of silicone around the body and then replace the flange. Replace the handle, screw it into place and pop the cover back on.

Leaving the tap in the off position, turn the water mains back on before turning the tap on to check the leaking has stopped.


  • Give your rubber washers a longer life by not over tightening your taps. Remember that it’s okay to see a few drips after you have turned your tap off.

What if the tap still leaks?

If the tap is still leaking give Q Plumb and Gas a call and we can make a time that is suitable for you to repair the problem tap, and then you know that you have piece of mind for at least the next 3 years with our 3 year warranty on all taps that we service.


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