Backflow Prevention Brisbane

Backflow Prevention Device Installation and Testing

To avoid the contamination of mains water with hazardous water from an individual property, a backflow prevention device is installed into the property. This device works by stopping water from flowing backwards in the pipe into the mains water.

When are backflow prevention devices required?

If the property has an underground tank with backup mains water, an irrigation system, car washing bays, a swimming pool, an industrial or commercial property, fire hose reels or hydrants a backflow device may be required.

Essentially the device is installed whenever there is a potential source of contamination. Often this is included in the initial plans of a building but can be required later on when changes to plumbing are made.

Who can install backflow prevention devices?

Installation of a backflow device must be completed by a licensed plumber and they are to lodge the forms with the local council for tracking.

Do you need your backflow prevention device tested?

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What maintenance is required for the devices?

All backflow prevention devices need to be tested annually to ensure they are still in good working order. The local council will send out reminders to notify owners when their device is due for testing. There is also some paperwork that needs to be lodged with council, our plumbers will be happy to handle this for you.

Backflow Prevention Brisbane

Our plumbers regularly install and test backflow prevention devices and are confident in ensuring these devices work properly.

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