Toilet Plumbing Brisbane

Is your toilet blocked or in need of repairs?

Q Plumb and Gas can help you with minor toilet issues such as blocked pipes, small leaks or broken flush mechanisms and even with major issues where the blockages are causing regular problems.

What is causing my toilet to be blocked, and what is my best repair option?

Common toilet plumbing issues

These are the most common reasons why a toilet is not working;

  • Small Blockage
  • Leaking Toilet
  • Damaged Cisterns
  • Damaged Valves/Floats
  • Damaged Flush Mechanisms

You may also need our assistance to have a new toilet installed during bathroom renovations.

What is my best option for toilet repairs?

Your budget is important as well as whether you are looking for a long term solution or a quick fix. Of course if the issue is minor then most toilet plumbing issues can be solved for a low cost and without much delay. If the damaged toilet is occurring regularly and you are finding that you are fixing it yourself or getting a Brisbane plumber out more then once every few years then its worth exploring the cause of the blockage for a more permanent solution.

Blocked Toilet Brisbane

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