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How to tell if you have a water leak

Do you think you may have a water leak or are using excess water? You can compare your water charges to ascertain if there has been a significant increase to the same quarter last year.  Your provider might also send you a letter to let you know there has been an increase and suggest you […]

Water Leak Detection

How to test a water leak

Detecting a Water leak What to do if you suspect that you have a water leak: Ensure that no taps are on, and that you have turned the toilet, dishwasher and washing machine taps off. Take a reading of the water meter at the front of your property. Leave for 60 minutes and take down […]

What to do when your house is flooding

If your house is being flooded, the first thing to do is locate the source of the water and try to isolate the area and stop the water. There are three main types of flooding which each need a different response. If it is from a pipe, toilet or tap that has water flowing through […]

Fix Leaking Tap

How to Fix a Leaking Tap

Step 1 Locate the mains water control box to turn off the water to your house. The mains tap is usually found at the front of your house or in the street. If you’re in an apartment the mains tap will probably be in the bathroom or laundry. Step 2 Turn the leaking tap on […]