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What to do when your house is flooding

If your house is being flooded, the first thing to do is locate the source of the water and try to isolate the area and stop the water. There are three main types of flooding which each need a different response.

If it is from a pipe, toilet or tap that has water flowing through it

1. Locate the main water supply. This is generally located towards the front of the yard and looks like the picture below


2. Turn the water off by turning the lever

3. Once water is off, call a plumber immediately. You will have no water until the problem is fixed.


If it is from a sewerage drain

1. Call a plumber, this could be sewage entering your house and you need to be careful

2. Isolate the area and attempt to stop liquid entering further into the house

3. Do not use the toilet or any water in the house this will only make things worse. When the plumber comes he will advise you when it is safe to use water and the toilet again.


If it is coming from the roof or is weather related

1. Call the SES and arrange assistance. This is not a plumbing issue.

For emergency plumbing help you can call us on 0412 629 984 and speak direct to a plumber at any time of day or night.